Member Message May 21st, 2015

May 22, 2015 / Phil Lesch

Here we are in week 8 of spring term! This is such a busy time of year. We have a bargaining update and some other news below.

For all bargaining updates, please visit our bargaining blog.

Labor/Management Committee Update
In our departmental listening sessions, faculty across campus relayed horror stories about being assigned classroom that were too small, unable to accommodate group work or active learning, had no outlets or had tables set-up in areas where students could not see the board. We brought these issues up in our quarterly labor/management meetings. On May 12th, we met with a representative from facilities. While the Facilities Dept. does not assign classroom space, we did learn that they have a small, annual budget for classroom enhancements or innovations. They would like to hear more from faculty about rooms that need improvements. Please contact Leanne ( or if you know of a classroom in dire need of repair!  We will be meeting later this term with classroom schedulers. We like to create a way for pedagogical needs to be taken into account when classrooms are allocated.

Implementation Advisory Committee
In December, the Board of Trustees voted to have our campus public safety officers carry guns. The Implementation Advisory Committee has completed a draft report that is open to public comment. The final report will be reviewed by the Board on June 11. PSU-AAUP thanks Lisa Hawash for representing PSU-AAUP on this committee.

Summer Institute for Union Women
And last but not least, a Summer Institute for Union Women will be held by  LERC (Labor Education and Research Center) from the University of Oregon at Reed College from June 23-27. For more information or to register, click here.

Good luck with all your work and activities as we get closer to the end of the academic year.

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