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MOA on changes to Article 39 now ratified

December 12, 2018 / Phil Lesch

Last year we reported that PSU-AAUP submitted a Demand to Bargain on the effects of the decision to convert some bathrooms to all gender bathrooms. The issue was related to the University’s failure to notify us of the change in the bathrooms. The University must notify PSU-AAUP of all changes in working conditions. Our demand to bargain stemmed from our belief that these kinds of changes require notification and discussion with the union before implementation. Those negotiations resolved with an agreement to enhance Article 30 of the CBA. The University now has a contractual requirement to provide notice to PSU-AAUP on any change that falls under our scope bargaining prior to the change taking place. See this MOA, which is a new Article 39. This MOA was presented to the membership for a vote in September 2018 and it has been ratified.

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