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More Uncertainty

August 17, 2021 / PSU-AAUP

A few weeks ago we looked towards the return to campus this fall with some excitement and maybe some apprehension, but once again things have changed. Oregon is reporting record setting Covid-19 case numbers and transmission rates, and Governor Brown has reinstated a state-wide mask mandate in an effort to keep Oregon hospitals from surpassing capacity. It felt like we were so close to a path forward, but now with vaccination rates stalling, the Delta Variant spreading in the region, and reports of breakthrough cases, we have many questions about this fall.

  • How bad does it have to get before Administration decides to remain remote?
  • Who is essential to provide in-person instruction? Can some people continue to work remotely even if the students return?
  • Will students be comfortable with in-person instruction if they are concerned for the health of themselves, their children, families, and the people they live with?
  • What happens to a course if the professor is out for 2 weeks, can we teach remotely as needed?

Universities are supposed to be leaders in society. We can’t wait for the government to make decisions. PSU should be proactive and take action now to protect members of our community and slow the transmission of the Delta Variant.

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