MOU reached on Revisions to P&T Guidelines for Evaluation of NTTF for Continuous Appointment

March 10, 2017 / Phil Lesch

The PSU-AAUP Negotiating team and the administration had its final meeting over the revisions to the University P&T Guidelines over the evaluation of NTTF for continuous appointment. We agreed to the final language and signed the MOU

The Executive Council has reviewed and approved the agreement. It will be presented to the NTTF members of PSU-AAUP for ratification today. 

After ratification of the members, the document goes to the PSU Faculty Senate for final acceptance.

Some more detail about the agreement

The document approved by the faculty senate in June 2016 dealt only with the evaluation of NTTF prior to, at the point of decision, and after continuous appointment. It did not include the appointment process itself, which includes the process for decision making, the appeal process through requests for reconsideration, and where final authority rests.

PSU-AAUP and the administration decided it was most appropriate to mimic where possible the current P&T process for the promotion of NTTF faculty. The continuous appointment process was modified from the promotion process where necessary. both processes terminate at the Provost in the same appeal process. 

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