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Mr. Dixon retracts email with apology; need to file Unfair Practice Charge averted

October 05, 2017 / Phil Lesch

On October 2 we reported that Isaac Dixon had committed one, perhaps two unfiar labor practices with his September 29 email announcing decisions about the wage increases from the academic professional class/comp study. 

We learned that the webpage wsa taken down from the website on September 29. On October 4 we received Mr. Dixon's apology.

On October 4 we responded to his email with the following:

Hello Isaac,

Thank you for your apology, for taking down the webpage and the retraction, and for your willingness to send out a correction.

I do not get PSU broadcast emails generally so I would appreciate your sending the email correction to me directly as well. As your email went out 6 days ago, I request that that your email correction go out today so that AAUP members do not have to keep contacting me to request that I file the Unfair Practice Charges.

Phil Lesch 

We expect members should have received Mr. Dixon's email today, or soon.

The need to file the Unfair Practice Charges have been averted. We trust that we will be able to proceed wityh interim bargaining over the results of the Class/Comp Study as planned.

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