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Office space for instructional faculty when relocated due to construction

October 31, 2017 / Phil Lesch

Instructional faculty members have reported to PSU-AAUP that they have been told they will doubling and tripling up in offices in East Hall and the Stratford, and some departments will be put in a cubicle farm in MCB when they are moved out of Neuberger Hall due to the renovation. 

Article 24 Section 5 provides that instructional faculty members will have individual office space. We brought the matter to Labor Management, and administration advised that any faculty member being relocated to East Hall that wants their own office during renovation can be granted their own office upon request. You can direct your request to your department chair.  If the department chair is not responsive, please contact PSU-AAUP so we can process a grievance on your behalf.

The administration advised that this accomodation is not available in Stratford Hall. It is not clear to PSU-AAUP how the administration will comply with Article 24 Section 5 for faculty temporary housed in Stratford Hall, the cubicle farm, or anywhere else. If a faculty member requires an individual office in Stratford Hall and is advised they can't have one, please contact PSU-AAUP so we can process the grievance.

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