Per Diem Policy issue resolved with MOU

November 23, 2016 / Phil Lesch

Three weeks ago PSU-AAUP was informed of the unilateral change to the travel per diem policy. We latrer learned that the policy had been changed on or about January 1, 2014. PSU-AAUP was not provide notice. The per diem amount on the day of departure and the day of return was fixed at 75%, which was consistent with the per diem policy that was adopted by the federal government for travel conducted on federal grants. 

The previous policy required members enabled up to 100% per diem reimbursement on travel days when members left on their trip prior to 6am, or returned from their trip after 6pm. The policy also provided for as little as 25% per diem when members left for their trip after 6pm, or returned from the trip prior to 6am. Members had to track their departure time on the day of departure, and their return time on the day of return. It was reported to us that there was some confusion over the reporting requirements when the old policy was in place. 

PSU-AAUP conducted a survey to determine member preference. The results are here. 352 members responded to the survey, which is an average response for PSU-AAUP surveys. Roughly 60% of the membership preferred the new per diem policy at 75%.

The PSu-AAUP Negotiating team proposed, and the University agreed, to formally adopt the new system. The MOU is here

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