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Pets of the Union

July 01, 2022 / PSU-AAUP

Pets of the Union

Y’all, it’s poodle season! Meet Appa and Reese, who belong to our VP of Organizing, Dr. Óscar Fernández, and our Strategic Director, Debby Herman, respectively.

Óscar shares that Appa has a strict bedtime, and at 10pm on the dot, he will bark in order to get his humans to go to bed! Appa also loves his fruits and veggies, especially apple season.

As for Reese, he is a born-and-bred Wisconsin boy! This photo above was his first time trying on his "We're Moving to Portland!" raincoat. He was not amused. After five minutes of rolling around with the clear intent of removing it, he gave up and then gave his momma this signature look. (Translation: “You cannot be serious.”)

We would love to share more of your pets in the next member news! Send a photo of your pet and their info through this form.

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