Please Vote! Member Vote on EC Decision Opened Monday

December 02, 2021 / PSU-AAUP

Please make sure to vote in the referendum on the Executive Council’s decision not to extend a new employment contract to Executive Director Phil Lesch. PSU-AAUP encourages members to vote YES and allow the EC’s decision on this matter to stand. You should have a ballot from Election Buddy in your inbox, with the subject line: “Vote now: PSU-AAUP - Member Vote on Executive Council Decision”

The vote opened on Monday and will run for two weeks, closing at 5pm on Friday December 10, per our usual voting procedures. (Our apologies for getting the closing date wrong in our message last week! It was not our intention to shorten the vote window, just a failure of typing.)

If you’re catching up on this situation, you might refer back to these previous messages for more information. 

While we have delayed interim staff hiring as a result of the uncertainty surrounding the vote, we are conducting interviews this week with several candidates who each have decades of experience in higher education union work. We look forward to updating you further after the vote closes. A full search for permanent staff will not commence until much later in 2022, and you can expect significant member involvement in that process.

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