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Portland Streetcar Grievance Update October 23

October 20, 2017 / Phil Lesch

We reported on September 29  that as of October 1, members needed a free Streetcar pass from Transportation and Parking Services to ride the streetcar. 

We know that seventy-one (71) bargaining unit members picked up an October pass. Thirty-eight (38) of those members regularly ride the streetcar between PSU worksites. 

New passes will be required for November. PSU-AAUP members who need to ride the streetcar, either to get to work or between worksites, should plan on picking up a free November pass from Transportation and Parking Services.

There should be NO COST for the Portland Streetcar pass for PSU-AAUP bargaining unit members.

If you are forced to pay for the pass at the time of pickup, or if you later find that there was a payroll deduction for the pass (Please check monthly!) WE NEED TO KNOW. Administration has advised that anyone who was charged for a streetcar pass will be reimbursed. If you find a payroll deduction for the pass, or if you must pay at the time of pick, please contact Phil Lesch.

If you picked up an annual pass and was charged for it, please also let Phil Lesch know.

PSU-AAUP has asserted that the need to physically go to the Transportation office monthly to get a pass was burdensome. We are still in discussions with Administration about a long-term solution.


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