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Portland Streetcar Grievance Update Sep 20

September 21, 2017 / Phil Lesch

We previously reported on September 15 that the administration proposed that PSU-AAUP members begin paying $10/month on November 1. We also reported that the administrations September 15 email about the streetcar was incorrect for PSU-AAUP members:

For PSU-AAUP members, the Portland Streetcar will continue to be at no cost. The PSU ID, however, will not be accepted for passage on the streetcar starting October 1. PSU-AAUP members who do not have a trimet pass should go to Parking and Transportation Services to get a Portland Streetcar pass.  Please tell the attendant that you are a PSU-AAUP bargaining unit member. You will be provided a Portland Streetcar pass for free.

On September 20 we advised administration that we were not interested in the administration's proposal that faculty members pay $10/month for the Portland Streetcar pass starting November 1.

The grievance we filed on July 14 is currently in abeyance as, so far, no cost has been imposed. We need to know if any faculty member who receives a Portland Streetcar pass experiences a payroll deduction or a charge for that pass. Faculty members who receive a portland Streetcar pass, please watch your paystubs every month and advise if, and as soon as, a charge for the Portland Streetcar appears.

Lastly, we need to know which members rely on the Portland Streetcar to travel between worksites. If you ride the Portland Streetcar between worksites, please complete this poll so we can track who you are. Members who travel between worksites is are a separate and distinct group and we may have to deal with travel for work separately.

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