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Professors at women’s HBCU refuse to teach in person due to COVID-19 concerns

August 20, 2021 / PSU-AAUP

The Hill

by Olafimihan Oshin

August 19, 2021 

Professors at the Historically Black Women’s College (HBCU) Spelman College are refusing to teach classes in person during the fall semester due to COVID-19 concerns, The 19th reported.  

Spelman College’s faculty council announced in a message to students on Thursday that professors won’t be teaching in-person classes for the foreseeable future, saying that they haven’t received “clear and enforceable” safety guidelines from the school. 

The college is requiring all of its staff, faculty members and students to be fully vaccinated and wear face masks on campus grounds, according to the college's coronavirus guidance.

Kaylin Daigle, a junior political science major, told The 19th that she understands her professors’ stance, calling them “trailblazers" for stepping up and taking action for other educators who feel the same way.

“I know that I admire the faculty … and I know that they are being trailblazers for educators around the nation today,” Daigle said. “We’re seen as the leaders for HBCUs.” 

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