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PSU-AAUP EC Election 2022 Endorsements

October 14, 2022 / PSU-AAUP

On its August 29 and September 14, 2022, meetings, the PSU-AAUP Executive Council voted to endorse the following Oregon Legislative candidates as the AAUP Oregon Executive Committee endorsed. 

The AAUP Oregon Legislative and Political Committee and additional local campus representatives asked each candidate about topics ranging from funding for higher education to Board of Trustee transparency to student debt and general attitudes toward education. For more information on these candidates, including their completed Candidate Questionnaires, please reach out to AAUP Oregon Organizing Director Matt Burris (


AAUP Oregon and PSU-AAUP are proud to announce the following endorsements (Click bulleted lines for relevant links):

Oregon House of Representatives

Representative Pam Marsh, D, House District 5

Representative John Lively, D, House District 7

Representative David Gomberg, D, House District 10

Representative Nancy Nathanson, D, House District 13

Ben Watts, D, House District 15

Representative Dan Rayfield, D, House District 16

Representative Paul Evans, D, House District 20

Ramiro Navarro, D, House District 21

Representative Dacia Grayber, D, House District 28

Representative Susan McLain, D, House District 29

Logan Laity, D, House District 32

Representative Maxine Dexter, D, House District 33

Farrah Chaichi, D, House District 35

Jules Walters, D, House District 37

Representative Rob Nosse, D, House District 42

Representative Tawna Sanchez, D, House District 43

Representative Khanh Pham, D, House District 46

Representative Zach Hudson, D, House District 49

Representative Ricki Ruiz, D, House District 50

Emerson Levy, D, House District 53

Bryan Lepore, D, House District 55

Jonathan Chenjeri, D, House District 56

Lawrence Jones, D, House District 59


Oregon State Senate

Senator Floyd Prozanski, D, Senate District 4

Senator James Manning, D, Senate District 7

Senator Deb Patterson, D, Senate District 10

Aaron Woods, D, Senate District 13

Melissa Busch, D, Senate District 16

Representative WInsvey Campos, D, Senate District 18

Senator Kayse Jama, D, Senate District 24

For a full listing of AAUP Oregon’s Executive Committee endorsements, click here.

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