PSU-AAUP recode for mobile website is here

January 09, 2018 / Phil Lesch

The recode of the PSU-AAUP website is done. The website is now mobile device friendly, and all pages on the website will be comfortable to read on any mobile device. Come check it out on a mobile device!

All of the links in our regular member news will pull up mobile friendly articles listed in the blog section of the website. Once you are in the blog section, you can easily navigate to other blog categories by clicking "View Blog Categories" at the top of the blog page. You can also scroll down and see all the blog articles in reverse chronological order. 

The top menu of the website will take you to all other sections of the website, which are also mobile friendly.

Please note it is not possible to optimize PDF documents (PDFs) for mobile viewing in a browser. Motivated members, however, can download Adobe acrobat reader from their app store, and you can view most PDFs optimized for for mobile devices in the acrobat reader app. PDFs with extensive formating and tables, however, will not optimize for a mobile device.

We hope that this change encourages members to open our emails (which are already optimized for mobile devices) and visit the PSU-AAUP website wherever they are. 

Please stay connected.

Keep the faith.

Phil Lesch
Executive Director.

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