[Re]Imagine: Your Union Earworm

June 09, 2021 / PSU-AAUP

A few weeks ago we asked members to come up with alternate lyrics to Imagine by John Lennon. Here are the winning and runner-up entries from members who wish to remain anonymous. 

Submitted Anonymously

Imagine there’s no money
It’s easy if you try
Just hell before us
It makes you wanna cry

Imagine the tuition
No one’s gonna pay

Imagine there’s no students
It isn’t hard to do
Just look at FADM’s forecasts
Doomsday at PSU

Imagine all employees
Living life in fear

You may say I’m a schemer
That dashboards are really fun
I hope someday you’ll show us
How a college should be run

(Re)imagine no departments
It’s in the master plan
No need for chairs or voting
Flush bylaws down the can

(Re)imagine all the people
Counting SCH

You may say she’s a dreamer
Her plan’s not the only one
Others were put before us
And cuts have only just begun


Submitted anonymously

Imagine there's no layoffs,
It's easy if we try.
They predict low enrollments,
We know those figures lie.
Imagine all our members
Working without fear.
Imagine funded departments,
It isn't hard to do.
More resources for our students,
And for research too.
Imagine all our members,
Teaching with peace of mind.
We know there's a surplus,
and millions in federal aid.
Let's use it to support the campus
and no longer feel afraid.
Imagine no reduction,
I wonder if you can?
Cuts are not the solution,
Together we can plan.
Imagine our whole campus,
working toward one goal.
We know there's a surplus
With millions in reserve.
We invite you to work with us,
To give students the school they deserve.

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