Remote Work Continues Winter Term

October 20, 2020 / PSU-AAUP

On October 15th, President Percy announced that we will remain remote through the Winter 2021 term. Now that this has been officially announced, following Portland Public Schools announcement of remote learning through the end of January at the earliest and Beaverton Public Schools until early February, we are asking Human Resources about which existing protections will or will not be extended to PSU-AAUP members for Winter 2021 term. 

Fall 2020 term, PSU-AAUP members had access to COVID-19 Leave of 80 hours paid in full from administration, Expanded FMLA paid at ⅔ rate, and the ability to use accrued sick leave to cover the additional ⅓ unpaid leave for COVID-related leave, including childcare and caregiving duties. In addition, the PSU-AAUP Sick Leave Bank has been available to those members who have donated (please be sure to remain opted in this year so that you may access it if you need it later this academic year).  We realize that planning for the Winter term is starting now, and having plans for what assistance will be available both federally and through the University needs to be at the forefront of planning discussions. PSU-AAUP is asking the administration to notify all as to which protections will be available for represented employees for the Winter term. 

We encourage you to consider seriously these leave protections and consult with your supervisor or chair to see if this makes sense for you. As we continue to advocate for PSU to be a family friendly workplace and for work life balance to be a priority, some of us with school aged children or other caregiving needs may indeed need to take a leave, even if it is just a partial one. We will keep you informed as we receive information… stay tuned!

Some of the questions we are asking are: 

  • Will PSU extend the 80 hours of paid coverage specific to COVID?
  • How do FMLA/OFLA caps work: rolling 12-months? Per AY? Per Calendar Year?
  • Will members be able to use accrued sick leave for COVID-related purposes if the additional protections are not extended by administration or the federal government?

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