Request for Comment on IELP Retrenchment

March 31, 2021 / PSU-AAUP

In light of the recent news of $105 million coming to PSU from the newest COVID relief bill, and in addition to previous relief funding pledged, we expect Article 22 Retrenchment proceedings regarding the IELP to take a dramatic turn and be put on pause. We believe that this rescue funding mitigates the basis of Article 22, Section 2(b), which states “A condition requiring reduction or elimination of a department may be declared if the President finds that institutional operations within a reduced budget, or failure to reallocate funds, would result in a serious distortion of the academic or other essential programs and services of the University if retrenchment procedures were not implemented.” PSU-AAUP believes that the recent influxes of federal relief money nullify the retrenchment argument and urges Administration to immediately pause its retrenchment proceedings. 

PSU-AAUP invites all members to submit comments directly to both President Percy’s office and to the Faculty Senate Ad-Hoc Academic Program Reduction and Curricular Adjustments (APRCA) Committee via the following links in support of and in solidarity with the IELP and calling for Administration to cease Article 22 proceedings during the current feedback period that is currently underway until April 14th. Links are available below.

Faculty Senate APRCA Website with full details

Links to feedback forms
If you wish for your comments to be considered by both the President and the APRCA committee, please submit them to both forms below. Comments submitted directly to the President will not be shared or publicized. Comments shared with APRCA will be synthesized and shared publicly as a report to the Faculty Senate. 
Comments for Faculty Senate on March 15th President's presentation and other presentations
Comments for President Percy

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