Returning to Campus: FAQs

June 10, 2021 / PSU-AAUP

Just as there was a lot of uncertainty last spring when we moved our jobs online, there is a lot of uncertainty as we start to return to campus. We have made some agreements with the Administration that provide some protections and guidance, and the collective bargaining team continues to talk with Administration about what our members need. 

When should I expect to be back on campus? 
Nine-month employees will be returning to on-campus work with the start of the fall term (Sept 16, 2021). Most twelve-month employees will return the day after labor day, (Sept 7, 2021). Some twelve-month employees may be asked by their supervisor to return earlier than this. Administration has agreed to provide at least 3 weeks' notice for people returning to campus. Supervisor can request their employees return to in-person work as long as it doesn’t violate state guidelines and regulations.

What if I want to continue to do some or all of my work remote? 
Administration has agreed to be flexible as people return to campus. If you would like some or all of your work to remain remote you should talk to your supervisor and/or HR. There are new remote work guidelines (and agreement in our new contract, page 99). If you cannot come to an agreement let us know.

What if I feel unsafe coming to campus? 
There are a lot of anxieties about coming back to campus. Article 23, Section 4 of our collective bargaining agreement allows members to ask for a temporary reassignment if their office or classroom presents a clear danger to your health or safety. You should talk to your supervisor if you don’t feel like some or all of your job will be safe to do in-person this fall. You can also contact HR and utilize ADA accommodations if there are reasons you cannot safely perform in-person work. 

AAUP wants to hear from you so we can make agreements as needed. The collective bargaining team will continue to keep an eye on issues that come up over the summer. If you have any concerns please let us know at

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