Salary Subject to Dues

January 25, 2019 / Jose Padin

A number of members have reached out to us asking that we explain the email received from HR about dues deductions on supplemental wage agreements (SWAs) and stipend agreements. These are the “contracts” that are used to document and generate payroll for overloads, some summer contracts, and most stipends. The message was sent to all AAUP bargaining unit members.

HR’s communication was not clear enough and it also included incorrect information, so it is not surprising that some of you have reached out to your union asking for clarification. 

First, a correction.

HR’s email incorrectly suggests that dues deductions from SWAs and stipend agreements have something to do with the Supreme Court 2018 Janus decision. The issue has nothing to do with the Janus decision.

So here is the issue.

We discovered several months ago that PSU has not been deducting and has never deducted AAUP dues or Voluntary Representation Fees from wages that were paid to members from their supplemental wage agreements (SWAs) or stipend agreements.

By state law, PSU has been obligated to make deductions all along for all income from employment at the university, including SWAs and stipends (this legal obligation is also echoed in our collective bargaining agreement). Thus, PSU was out of compliance with the law (and contract). The email from HR was notice to PSU-AAUP members and colleagues paying voluntary representation fees communicating that the error has been discovered and corrected.

Some questions we’ve been asked:

  • Do members owe back dues for SWAs in the past?

No. members do not owe back dues. This takes effect on new SWAs and stipend agreements.

  • Does this change the dues rate or what is deducted from my paycheck?

This has no impact on the dues rates. Your dues deduction will not change for the regular work performed. If a paycheck contains payment from an SWA or stipend agreement, then the same dues rate will apply to those additional wages.

  • Does this email require me to do anything?

No, members do not need to take any action.

Should you have any further questions please let us know.

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