SB 214 Post doctoral scholar Implementation- first meeting of stakeholders called

November 13, 2017 / Phil Lesch

The University has agreed to proceed with the initial meetings regarding the implementation of Senate Bill 214- the Post Doctoral Scholar Program. The stakeholders to the initial meeting have been identified: They are:


Shelly Chabon - OAA Vice Provost for Academic Personnel and Leadership Development

Professor of Speech & Hearing Sciences | 503.725.2262


Julia Getchell - OAA

Director of Academic Employee and Labor Relations | 503.725.9235


Cindy Starke, Attorney

Assistant General Counsel | 503.725.2639


David Reese, Attorney

General Counsel and Secretary to the Board of Trustees | 503.725.2655


Jason Podrabsky

Professor, Biology - Liberal Arts & Sciences | 503.725.5772


Nathan Klinkhammer

Director, Payroll Benefits, Human Resources | 503.725.5990



Phil Lesch                                   


Jose Padin (Pres)                     


David Hansen (VP CB)

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