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Seeking Input – Change in Stipends

May 04, 2018 / Phil Lesch

Are you receiving a stipend for additional duties during the academic year? Did you receive notice about changes to the stipend amount, method, or timing of the payment?

If so, then we want to hear from you. Recently a member who receives a monthly stipend to perform the additional duties of graduate student coordinator, reported that they told all stipends for additional duties were about to change. The member was also told that their stipend was not going to change, but stipends for everyone else were going to change.

Although our contract provides for faculty members to negotiate compensation for additional duties (Article 30), an administrative decision to change methods or timing of stipends is probably preserved by past practice. If Administration makes unilateral changes to stipends, we might need to grieve- especially if the change is detrimental to the faculty member.

If you have heard that your stipend is going to change, please contact Phil Lesch.



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