Support Fair Contracts for AAUP & PSUFA

November 05, 2020 / PSU-AAUP

If you haven’t yet, please add your name to the open letter to President Percy & the Board of Trustees that AAUP sent out earlier this week.

As you know, PSU-AAUP has been in negotiations with PSU Administration for over a year, and we are working hard to ensure key pieces of our contract remain in place in the future, including: COLAs, Post-Tenure Review (PTR) Pay Increases, and Funding for Continued Inversion/Compression & Equity Adjustments.

We are also working on a few modest gains for our least-well-compensated members: Post-Continuous Appointment Review (PCAR) Pay Increases (like the PTR, but for Instructor ranks) and Longevity Increases for APs (again, like the PTR and PCAR, but for APs!). 

However, PSU’s bargaining team has hinted that they are ready to offer us nothing. As a faculty member, researcher, staff member, or other member of the PSU community, your signature shows your support for a fair contract for all academic workers.

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