Support PSUFA (our faculty adjunct colleagues) by becoming an Associate Member

February 24, 2021 / PSU-AAUP

PSUFA (our adjunct colleagues union) allows others to become associate members. Our adjunct colleagues have a lot of challenges when it comes to increasing their membership--they face job insecurity, high turnover, and a lack of a coordinated network to connect adjuncts due to the nature of their work. AAUP is a relatively privileged union--our support of their membership is an opportunity for us to help build strong unions across our campus. Often, many of our AAUP members are or have been adjuncts at some point. Becoming an Associate member of PSUFA is a win for all of us when all our campus unions are strong.  If you’d like to become an Associate member, you can fill out the form here and submit it to

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