SEIU Rally For Our Future

June 24, 2019 / Jennifer Kerns

For those of you on campus this week, can you please consider wearing Red and joining our SEIU colleagues as they advocate for a better contract? They are in negotiations right now and the terms that they are being offered don't look great. See below. We have a history of standing in solidarity with our union brothers and sisters on campus, in part to advance good working conditions for all here at PSU, but also as their contract could set a negative precedent for ours. See note below from our colleague from SEIU, Rob Fullmer.

Lunch provided. Thursday June 27th at noon in the Park Blocks. They really have appreciated when we show up, so let's continue to do so. (And again: wear red, bring your lanyards, etc. If you need "swag," go to the AAUP Offices in SMSU 232).


                                              Note from Rob Fullmer, negotiator for SEIU local 503:

As you may have heard, classified workers are being asked to take a significant pay cut over the next two years - with no regular salary steps for newer workers (normally 4.75% annually), no cost of living adjustment in the first year of our contract, and 0.5% in January of the second year. They are also asking our workforce to pay 15% of our healthcare premium instead of the 3% or 5% classified workers pay today.

This is thousands of dollars out of out existing paychecks, despite all the work we all did this session to increase higher education funding by $60M over the co-chairs budget.  FYI, for PSU that means $12M more in 2019-20 and $14M more in 2020-21.

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