TOMORROW: Caucus on Bargaining and Key Issues for APs

February 09, 2015 / Phil Lesch

Please join us for the Academic Professional caucus tomorrow, Tuesday Feb. 10th, noon-1pm, Smith 298. Lunch is provided.

Starting at 11:45 you can come in, get some food and talk with fellow APs. Our program will begin just after 12pm.

The agenda will be the following:
11:45-12:00: Get some food! 

12:00-12:15: Welcome, introductions and announcements Including a rally this Thursday in Salem; how to get support from our VP of Grievances & Academic Freedom, Jose Padin; and a call for communications & events volunteers.

12:15-12:30: All about bargaining It starts again THIS May. What did APs win last year? What do we still need to fight for?

12:30-12:50: Breakout groups on key issues
We'll discuss why the following issues are important and what we can do about them. Self-select your group, or start a new conversation.
Building closures - When APs are unpaid or compelled to use vacation time
Professional development opportunities - Or lack thereof?
Summer session cuts - The impact on student success and retention
Other - Lead a conversation on another issue affecting APs

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