Trump White House deletes rule that would have required union-busters to file disclosures

November 02, 2018 / Sabrina Balderama


By Don McIntosh

No presidential tweet announced it, but the Trump Administration this July quietly repealed a rule that would have brought sunlight to the murky world of professional union-busters. For five decades, a regulatory loophole has kept workers and the public largely in the dark about union-busting activity — despite a federal law mandating public disclosure when employers hire the so-called “union avoidance” consultants. The Obama Administration’s “persuader rule” would have closed that loophole.

The saga stretches back to 1958, when Congress was investigating corrupt and undemocratic practices in unions. The following year, Congress passed the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (LMRDA), also known as the Landrum-Griffin Act.

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