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Twenty Six (26) MOAs executed to resolve placement of Tenured faculty members in the wrong quintile for post tenure review in 2017-19

December 04, 2018 / Phil Lesch

Over the summer the Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) discovered that in 2017-18 twenty-six (26) faculty members should have been provided the opportunity to participate in post tenure review (PTR) based on the quintile schedule the University and PSU-AAUP had established when the post tenure review process was established. Many faculty members impacted rightly believed they were scheduled last year and submitted PTR materials and their materials were not accepted. PSU-AAUP negotiated individual resolutions for all twenty-six faculty members that generally provided them with the opportunity to participate in PTR this year. For most, if they pass PTR this year, their PTR salary increase will be retroactive to the beginning of this year- the date that the salary increase would have been effective had they been allowed to participate in PTR on schedule last year. Some faculty members had issues around PTR and pending promotions, and we found the right solution for each of them. As far as we know, all PTRs that were due and outstanding are now in process.

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