Week 9 Wrap-Up

May 27, 2021 / PSU-AAUP

Greetings Members! Wow. We are in Week 9 of spring quarter and nearing the end of an incredibly difficult academic year. We at PSU-AAUP are proud to have faced this year with the support of our members as we worked to ensure that the least harm came to our community during this crisis. We advocated for members at the table for a good contract and also secured many COVID impact MOU’s. We are pleased with what we are able to achieve for our members, though we acknowledge that not all in our community went unscathed and we have some challenges to come in the near future, in particular around the Provost’s program reduction plans. Let’s keep up our union led #solidarity.

We know that for our 9 month employees, you are about to have a bit of a break and we hope that you are able to rest, restore, and enjoy family, friends, and a break from zooms and campus demands. For our 12 month employee colleagues, we hope that the next few months bring about a slower pace in your workload. Or, at minimum, we hope that you are able to enjoy a vacation here and there and the benefits of living in the PNW. 

We were busy these last couple of weeks hosting member meetings and demanding to bargain over a variety of issues related to the “post” pandemic world. See below some of the recent union activity and, as always, keep in touch and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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