Our New Contract — Progress Updates

Joint Communications and Tentative Agreements between PSU-AAUP and PSU Administration during the 2019-2020 contract bargaining campaign. 

Tentative Agreements

2019 08Aug26 Tentative Agreement on Researcher Access During University Closures

2019 09Sep10 Tentative Agreement on Impacts of Implementation of PI eligibility policy in RGS


Latest CBA Amendments:

          See the full list of Amendments on our Resources page!


Meet the Bargaining Teams:

AAUP Collective Bargaining Team:

David Kinsella, Professor, Political Science

David Hansen, Senior Instructor II, Business Administration, School of

Theresa McCormick, Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Leanne Serbulo, Instructor, University Studies

Tina Burdsall, Instructor, Sociology

Shalini Vivek, Staff Attorney, Student Legal Services

Anh Ly, Department Manager, Economics 

Ex-officio members:

Phil Lesch, AAUP Executive Director

Jennifer Kerns, Assistant Professor, History, PSU-AAUP President


PSU Team:

Shelly Chabon, Vice Provost, Academic Personnel & Leadership Development, Academic Affairs

Debra Mayo-Kelly, Director of Academic Employees & Labor Relations, Academic Affairs

Cindy Starke, General Counsel & Board Secretary, Presidents Office

Krista Stearns, Assistant General Counsel (Legal alternate), Presidents Office

Jason Podrabsky, Interim Vice President-Research & Graduate Studies

Andria Johnson, University Budget Director, Budget

Nathan Klinkhammer, Director, Payroll & Benefits, Human Resources

Leroy Bynum, Dean, College of the Arts, COTA

Dana Tasson, Executive Director, Student Health and Counseling - Student Affairs