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Step                 Action                                                                       Time Limits(1)

Pre-step: Oral Presentation

a. Oral Presentation of Grievance to Department Chair       Within 30 days(2) of act
b. Oral Notification of outcome from chair                         Within 10 days of presentation

1. Dean's Review

a. Present written grievance to Dean                 Within 5 days of Chair's oral notification
b. Dean sends copy to Chair for file                   Immediately on receipt of grievance
c. Meeting with Dean                                        Within 10 days of receipt of grievance
d. Dean's decision in writing                              Within 10 days of meeting with Dean

2. Peer Hearing 

a. File request for hearing with Chair                Within 5 days of Dean's decision
    of Faculty Grievance Panel
b. Challenge members of Committee                Within one day of notice selection
c. Hearing committee schedules testimony       Within 10 days of being duly constituted
d. Hearing Committee presents report              Within 10 days of conclusion of hearing

3. Provost's / Vice President's Decision

a. Provost/VP reviews hearing and issues         Within 10 days of receipt of report
                                                                      written decision
b. (If report is insufficient) Committee             Within 15 days of Provost's request
     presents amended report

4. Review by President

a. Petition President for review                       Within 5 days of Provost's decision
b. President's decision in writing                      Within 30 days of petition


(1) "Day" means a day when classes or examinations are scheduled and held in accordance with the official academic calendar of the University, excluding Saturdays and Sundays. Summer Session days will not be counted as days for those employees not employed during the Summer Session.

(2) Counted either from the date of the act/omission itself, or from the datethat the grievant knew or reasonably should have known of the act/omission.

To Download Noncontractual Grievance forms, please click here: Noncontractual Grievance Forms