Collective Bargaining for your workplace rights is at the heart of all that we do here at PSU-AAUP.  We strive to maintain high standards in your workplace because we believe that University working conditions are student learning conditions. Whether at the bargaining table or engaging with University administrators to maintain the current contract PSU-AAUP is working for you!

To get the scoop on current negotiations, please visit our Collective Bargaining blog.


We expect to see lots of changes and challenges in the 2013

Legislative Season. Here are a few of the topics we are starting to track:

  • Institutional Boards at PSU and UO
  • Pay it Forward- Student Debt
  • Governor’s Budget and his creation of the Department of Post-Secondary Education
  • The OUS Optional Retirement Plan for New OUS employees
  •  Changes in OEIB Governance
  • Changes in the Definition of Managerial Employees
  • Creation of the Achievement Compact Advisory Committee
  • Governor’s Proposal to cap COLA for PERS retirees to the first $24,000
  • University Research Commercialization Fund Legislation

The Educator Professional Development Commission
Check back frequently on our AAUP-OR blog for updates after the session begins.