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MOA Announcements - ‘Attend Anywhere’ & ‘AP .8 Salary Increase’

February 01, 2022 / PSU-AAUP

The Executive Council has approved the following Memorandums of Agreement (MOAs) for ratification. The ratification ballot is now open until Wednesday February 9, 2022 at 5 pm - please submit your vote before then! We are using the online voting system Electionbuddy for the email voting, and you should have received the ballot to vote from Electionbuddy. You will receive reminders to vote every 48 hours until you vote.

The MOAs are listed here:

MOA Pay Range Structure for Academic Professionals
The CBA, in year 2 of the contract, sets aside 0.8% of total AP salaries to be used to increase individual AP salaries as necessary to meet new minimums after the AP job reclassification. The reclassification is still in the appeals stage, so negotiation over new minimums has not started, yet we are now in year 2 of the contract. This MOA distributes that pool as an across-the-board 0.8% salary increase for APs, in addition to the 1% COLA, starting with January 2022 paychecks. This is not a substitute for bringing AP salaries up to new minimums. When the appeals process concludes and new minimums are negotiated, AP salaries that fall short will need to be funded by some other means. We would rather see our AP members receive an across-the-board increase now than endure further delays in the distribution of the year 2 salary pool.
MOA Attend Anywhere and Asynchronous Instructional Modality Extension of Trial Period
The “Attend Anywhere” teaching modality was introduced in AY 2021-22 as a one-year pilot project, with an evaluation to be conducted in Spring 2022. However, Fall 2022 course planning is underway and some units would like to offer Attend Anywhere courses during AY 2022-23. This MOA extends the duration of the pilot project through Summer 2023. Because we continue to be concerned that the Attend Anywhere mode can create increased workload for instructors, the MOA reaffirms that this mode of teaching cannot be required of any faculty member (see item 4). The union will be surveying members on their experiences with Attend Anywhere, including members who did not offer an Attend Anywhere course, but found themselves shifting to essentially this mode of teaching to accommodate absenteeism due to covid-19.

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