2015-2019 Collective Bargaining Agreement Materials

2015-2019 Collective Bargaining Agreement (aka "The Contract") (same as printed version)

2015-2019 Collective Bargaining Agreement (including all amendments to date (2019 06June20))

2015-2019 Contract Guide

CBA Amendments

2016 07Jul27 Revision of Article 32 Section 2

2016 09Sep28 Replace CBA 2015-17 Appendix E2

2016 10Oct21 Religious Accommodation Policy

2016 11Nov14 Per Diem Travel Policy

2016 11Nov14 Interpretation of Letter of Appointment (LOA) based on Appendix H for NTTF that converted to Continuous Appointment pusuant to LOA #12

2016 11Nov14 Procedures for Paid Administrative Leave during an investigation

2016 12Dec20 Online Leave Reporting System

2017 01Jan10 Sabbatical Leaves

2017 02Feb24 Individual Professional Development Accounts 

2017 05May02 Revision of the University Post Tenure Review (PTR) Guidelines

2017 05May31 Re-allocation of Unspent Faculty Development Funds

2017 06Jun07 MOU regarding Creation of the OHSU-PSU SPH (SPH) executed October 12, 2015 paragraph 17

2017 06Jun07 PSU Board of Trustee Policy on the Roles of the Board, President and Faculty, Shared Governance and Academic Freedom

2017 08Aug03 Modification of Article 30 Section 4 (3)

2017 08Aug16 Partial Day Per Diem Reimbursement

2017 09Sep27 Donated Sick Leave Bank Revisions- Ratified

2017 11Nov15 Millar and Hoffman Award Programs

2017 12Dec06 Discontinuance of the CPI-U Portland-Salem

2017 12Dec07 Revised Bridge Funding Program Dec 1, 2017 to Dec 1, 2018

2017 12Dec11 2018 AAUP Salary Rate Tables

2018 03March21 CUPA-HR Data on Demand Subscription Service

2018 03March21 Tenure Track Supplemental Letter Correction

2018 05May04 Tenure Track Letter of Offer Correction

2018 05May16 Intensive English Langauage Program (IELP) Reductions in Force General Effects

2018 07Jul26 Effects of Janus

2018 08Aug23 Impact of the Implementation of the MOA on Academic and Career Advising Redesign on Career Counselors

2018 09Sep12 Verification of Salary Distributions and Reconciliation of Salary Data Discrepancies 

2018 09Sep21 Post-Doctoral Scholar Program

2018 09Sep21 Notice to PSU-AAUP

2018 10Oct12 Procedures for Year 3 (2019) Salary Adjustments

2018 12Dec17 Redefinition of  "CPI-U" in Article 30 Section 3

2019 02Feb21 Revision to Article 43 - Deadline to Confer Regarding Format of Successor Bargaining

2019 03Mar01 School of Public Health (SPH) Grader Assignment Procedure

2019 03Mar01 School of Public Health (SPH) Grader Assignment Procedure - Ratified

2019 03Mar06 Process for Review and Correction of Letters of Offer Incorrectly Placing NTT Faculty in Fixed-Term Positions

2019 04Apr15 Commencement of Successor Bargaining

2019 05May07 Continuous Appointment and Promotion Review Procedures Clarifications Agreement

2019 06Jun18 Modification to CBA Appendix G


Faculty Evaluation Documents

2017  University Policies and Procedures for the Evalaution of Faculty for Tenure, Promotion, and Merit Increases (P&T Guidelines)


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2018 Member Travel Reimbursement Form

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