PSU-AAUP Assistance Fund

The purpose of the assistance fund is to provide financial support for AAUP Members who are experiencing financial hardship. “Financial hardship” may include but is not limited to circumstances such as sudden loss of income; housing insecurity; family crisis; urgent need; unanticipated or catastrophic losses, or loss of wages from work stoppage (strike). This fund will provide no more than $500 to members who request the funds and to the extent that funds are available.

Members are eligible to apply and receive support twice an academic year and receive no more than $500 in one academic year. Multiple applications from the same member can not be for the same hardship in one year.

AAUP Assistance Fund Application - Currently not accepting applications


PSU Assistance Fund Policy

Adopted July 16, 2020

Revision Adopted November 5, 2020


Purpose: To establish the PSU-Assistance Fund to provide financial support to PSU-AAUP members in need

Applicability: This policy applies to PSU-AAUP Members


PSU-AAUP members who earn the 110% of the median salary of PSU-AAUP members or below are eligible for assistance. Eligibility for support may be modified by the Executive Council.

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