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Every Member Matters

There are many ways to get involved from those who are able to fulfill a leadership role to those who are able to find a few hours in their busy schedule each quarter. For more information, contact us today!

             Every Member Matters


Become a Member

PSU-AAUP represents instructional faculty and academic professionals employed by Portland State University at .5 FTE and above.

By becoming a member, you are supporting academic freedom, tenure, shared governance, and many other rights now enjoyed at Portland State University. These practices must be defended not just at PSU, but nationwide. AAUP works on the principle of pooled strength:

The strong help defend the weak. Over the years, members have joined not just because they may need AAUP themselves but because they realize that the maintenance of academic freedom is imperative to the future of higher education.

We need your support! By filling out a membership application:

  • you are helping AAUP lobby at the state and national level to ensure that there is money available. The more members we have, the stronger our voice in Salem and in Washington, DC
  • you are helping fight attacks on tenure and academic freedom at the national level
  • you can vote on contract ratification or on other important union issues

The more support we have from full members, the stronger our position at the bargaining table! Please take a look at our page on membership here. You will find the application, as well as a summary of the many benefits of membership.  If you have any questions about membership, or need a completely digital DocuSign version, please contact us at


Unit Representative Team

By becoming a unit rep, you help build the union in a fundamental way. Unit representatives provide key information to and from faculty members on the status and progress of negotiations, faculty issues, and more. They are the glue in this grassroots organization, making sure all members are informed and have an active voice.

It’s easy to be an AAUP Unit Rep, and really important! Unit reps...

  • Post AAUP flyers on bulletin boards in or near your units,
  • Inform other AAUP members of events,
  • Encourage new faculty to join the AAUP,
  • Help to invite AAUP officers to address faculty or unit meetings
  • Provide feedback to the Executive Council and Bargaining Team on your thoughts about issues in your unit or strategy ideas.

All Unit Reps will be provided with a Unit Rep Packet, including AAUP brochures, membership forms, talking points, the current contract, etc.
Time Commitment: 1-2 hours a month

If you’re willing to serve as a unit rep – or co-unit rep – please contact Óscar Fernández, VP for Membership & Organizing.


Executive Council

The Executive Council is the governing body of the PSU chapter of the AAUP. The council is composed of eight officers (President, Vice-President for Grievances and Academic Freedom, Vice-President for Collective Bargaining, Vice-President for Membership & Organizing, Vice-President for Legislative & Political Action, Vice-President for Communications & Public Relations, Treasurer, and Secretary) and six Councilors as well as the Immediate Past President. Elections for the executive council occur every year in April, each term is two years.

Consider running for the upcoming year, or perhaps you have someone in mind to nominate. To be eligible, candidates must be full members of PSU-AAUP by the election date.

Attend weekly meetings on Thursdays from 12:00- 1:30pm
Work with other committee members to make decisions affecting union activities.
Time Commitment: 6 hours a month

If you are interested in running for Executive Council or would like to nominate a colleague, please contact


Collective Bargaining Team

The Collective Bargaining Team works to improve the PSU-AAUP Collective Bargaining Agreement (the Contract), and as such, guarantees the rights of the faculty members of PSU. Please see our Collective Bargaining pages for current work that the team is undertaking.  The team works with other committee members to:

Bargain with PSU negotiators
Help to build a better contract
Time Commitment: 5 hours a week

For more information, contact


Organizing Committee

Join the Organizing Committee to help craft ideas on upcoming PSU-AAUP events and causes. For more information, contact Óscar Fernández, VP for Membership & Organizing.


Legislative Committee

Join the PSU-AAUP Legislative Committee to help craft principles for the PSU-AAUP to follow in thinking about legislation to propose or support candidates to endorse and strategies for getting our perspectives out to policy makers.  For more information, contact


EDI Task Force

An organization's commitment to align programs, operations, and culture to be equitable, diverse and inclusive is collective work. In 2021, PSU-AAUP Executive Council created an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Task Force (TF) to continue our long term and ongoing EDI work. The attached is the description and scope of the 1-year EDI Task Force. For more information and to get involved, please contact



Join a caucus and provide a voice for issues that are of a paticular interest to the caucus. All caucuses are open to self-identifying members and allies. Caucuses expand and contract depending on member interest.  Don't see a caucus group that suits your needs?  Contact PSU-AAUP VP for Membership and Organizing, Óscar Fernández. Contact a Caucus Facilitator below for more information about the respective caucus and issues of focus.