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The PSU-AAUP Executive Council is composed of eight officers (President, Vice-President for Collective Bargaining, Vice-President for Grievances & Academic Freedom, Vice-President for Membership & Organizing, Vice-President for Legislative & Political Action, Vice-President for Communications & Public Relations, Treasurer, and Secretary) and six Councilors, as well as the Immediate Past President.

The Council meets every other Thursday from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. All bargaining unit members are welcome to attend Executive Council meetings. Please contact the PSU-AAUP office at to confirm the meeting location.

2023-2025 Executive Council Members


Emily Ford, Library
Email | (503) 725-3689

David Kinsella, Political Science
Vice President for Collective Bargaining
Email | (503) 725-3035

Óscar Fernández, University Studies
Vice President for Membership and Organizing
Email | (503) 725-5832

Bill Knight, English
Vice President for Grievances & Academic Freedom

Ramin Farahmandpur, Educational Leadership and Policy - College of Education
Vice President for Legislative & Political Action
Email | (503) 725-8271

Lacey Friedly, University Transportation Center
Vice President for Communications and Public Relations
Email | (503) 725-8545

Peter Kramer, Campus Rec
Email | (503) 725-2938

Elena Sokol, Political Science and International & Gobal Studies
Email | (503) 725-2175


Councilors At Large

Aleksandar Jokic, Philosophy
Email | (503) 725-3503

Amanda Singer, Conflict Resolution
Email | (503) 725-9170

Brian Elliott, Philosophy
Email | (503) 725-2689

Cristina Restad, School of Business Administration (SBA)
Email | (503) 725-4742

Trevino Brings Plenty, Diversity & Multicultural Student Services (DMSS)
Email | (503) 725-5348



Immediate Past President

Mark Leymon, Criminology and Criminal Justice - CCJ
Email | (503) 725-8070


Deborah Herman
Executive Director, Organizing & Communications

Bryan Lally
Executive Director, Contract Enforcement & Bargaining | (971) 895-2939

Heather Nahmias
Administrative Director
(503) 725-4414


General Inquiries


*Press Inquiries should be directed to our VP for Communications & Public Relations at: