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Executive Director, Contract Enforcement & Bargaining

Bryan has been representing public sector employees since 2003, when he joined Oregon AFSCME, where he was a field representative for employees at Multnomah County, Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) and the private non-profit Transition Projects. During his time with AFSCME he bargained contracts and handled grievances for bargaining units as small as 25 members and as large as 3,000.

After many years of representing workers in health care, public safety, finance, administration and social services, he joined the Oregon council of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) in 2018. While there, he represented a mix of faculty, academic professionals and classified staff at several universities and colleges around Oregon, including Eastern Oregon University, Western Oregon University, Lane Community College and Portland Community College. He also represented the adjunct faculty and graduate employees here at PSU.

Bryan believes that a powerful union starts with empowered members, and has a great deal of experience in training, strategic planning and leadership development. Bryan also holds a law degree, but hopes you’ll like him anyway.