Bargaining News

Raises coming!

January 14, 2015

You will be seeing the second Cost of Living Adjustment and the Comparator Increase (for instructional and research faculty only) added to your paycheck. read more >

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Legislative Training

January 28, 2015

Join the growing, effective, polished, Faculty, Academic Professional, and Student voices for quality higher education in our State Legislature read more >


David Sarasohn: The lowdown on the Legislature’s higher-ed options

January 28, 2015

Nobody could say that Oregon doesn't value higher education. read more >


A Day Without Adjuncts

January 27, 2015

With National Adjunct Walkout Day a month away, interest grows, and it is prompting discussions among faculty leaders. But many supporters feel the need to back the effort in ways other than walking off the job. read more >