AAUP National Newsletters and their Quarterly Publication Academe

February 06, 2019 / Jennifer Kerns

Are you keeping up to date on issues related to academic workers at our sister AAUP chapters across the country? I know we are often flooded with e-mails and newsletters from various organizations, but staying in touch with what is happening at other universities in terms of tenure, academic freedom, and shared faculty governance is helpful as we continue the work we are doing on behalf of our community here on this campus.

Our parent organization, AAUP National, sends periodic notices highlighting relevant matters of concern occuring on different campuses. They also publish a very valuable publication quarterly, Academe. I find this publication very enlightening as I learn more about the sophisticated relationships between faculty, academic professionals, University administrations and state and local governments and their sometimes incredibly significant consequences.

Do you get these newsletters and/or Academe? We have learned that some of you do not. Please consider following this link below to receive updates and an excellent publication from our national organization.

In solidarity with our colleagues across the country!

Jennifer Kerns

VP for Membership and Organizing

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