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Analysis shows: PSU is not broke

June 24, 2022 / PSU-AAUP

On June 16th, Professor Howard Bunsis provided an in-depth analysis of PSU's financial health. Top take-away from this 90-minute presentation and Q&A: PSU is not broke.
  • PSU's Moody's credit rating is excellent
  • There is $28 million in unspent discretionary Federal aid at our disposal
  • Reserves are increasing every year and debt is falling
  • Compared to 11 peer institutions, PSU ranks #1 in spending on Administrative salaries, in both dollars and percentage
Clearly, better choices can and must be made in how PSU spends the money we have available. We must prioritize supporting students and our community in order to live up to our motto, "Let Knowledge Serve the City." That means prioritizing student support services, recruitment and retention of great faculty and staff, and strong educational programs.

We'll provide a more in-depth report on this presentation in next Thursday's newsletter (June 30).

If you missed the live event and would like to hear the evidence for yourself, click here!
Click above for the video!

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