AP Classification

July 15, 2021 / PSU-AAUP

At the end of May, right before our three-day weekend, Academic Professionals were notified by Human Resources that they had been placed into a new job classification system. Over 75% of the 355 APs were placed at level 1 or 2 of the new system. While we knew this was coming and our bargaining team had successfully negotiated a three-part appeal process, for most APs, it was a harsh reminder of how we are so often undervalued at Portland State. Many APs felt their placement into the new classification system, which has 6 levels, did not accurately reflect the complexity and nuance of their position. We assume admin has a vested interest in not moving people to a level that accurately reflects their position as this may result in a salary increase. Salary ranges are still being negotiated but anyone who is placed at a level where they do not meet the minimum for that salary range, will receive an increase to the minimum for that level. However, this new classification isn’t all about the money. We also need recognition that the work that APs do is complex, challenging, and constantly changing to meet the needs of students and faculty. 

Currently, APs are involved in the first phase of the appeal process. For more information, please see the AP Appeal FAQs.

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