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Assistance Fund for Members

August 06, 2020 / PSU-AAUP

On July 16, the Executive Council voted to establish a new Assistance Fund for AAUP members who are experiencing financial challenges.  The EC approved an initial allocation of $30,000 from our reserves. On Tuesday, August 4, the application for assistance funds opened and was sent in a special email to members. The due date for the first round of funding is August 14th. Members may apply by filling out the Assistance Fund Application
Within one day, we received a large number of requests for assistance, highlighting the fact that many of our members are experiencing crises during this pandemic. We see that many of our lower-paid union colleagues are really struggling financially during this COVID-19 crisis due largely to the loss of income of their family members/partners and thus the EC is exploring options to do fundraising to support the requests beyond the allocation made by the EC to be able to provide assistance to more members. Please stay tuned.

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