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Attention Parents and Caregivers: Worried about Fall Term 2020? Read here!

August 14, 2020 / PSU-AAUP

Attention Parents and Caregivers: Worried about Fall Term 2020? Read here!

Fall term is fast approaching, and even though PSU will be mostly online, many caregivers of school-aged children don’t know what will be happening with the K-12 realm or daycare come September. It seems that at minimum kids will be home 3 days a week with the hybrid models that are being proposed, but we all know that could change by then (and most likely in the direction of fully online rather than fully in person). There are surely additional caregiver needs that will be difficult to juggle come fall term, also.

Firstly, echoing the Oregon-wide AAUP organization, PSU-AAUP calls on the University to develop robust support for caregivers during this unprecedented pandemic. Like the tenure clock and related pauses implemented earlier this year, PSU must continue to accommodate caregivers through adjustments in expectations for service, research, and evaluation timelines -- for both faculty and APs. 

While tailored to the University of Oregon, this statement from the UO Center for the Study of Women in Society outlines some critical starting points for addressing inequities created by the COVID-19 crisis.

Absent further action from the University, PSU-AAUP wants to remind you that there is still relief for caregivers. You may request a reduced or full-time FTE reduction using a combination of your accrued sick leave, FFCRA coverage, expanded FMLA coverage, and the PSU AAUP Sick Leave Bank. You may also request a flexible work schedule to alleviate some of the challenges of working remotely while caring for children. These benefits are available to employees in a variety or job categories, including PSU-AAUP represented APs, NTTF, and TTF.

PSU AAUP strongly suggests that if you are considering taking advantage of this option for Fall 2020, that you begin talking to Human Resources ( and your supervisor now to give plenty of time to make arrangements. Please let PSU AAUP know if you have any issues or difficulties accessing these benefits (

Please see the links below for details:

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Here's a link to the infographic to download or pass along!

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