Bargaining Update

December 18, 2019 / Heather Nahmias

We had two back-to-back days of bargaining to end the term.  We are happy to announce that we made major progress in discussions on the Academic Professional (AP) job family and individual contributor (IC) level placement procedures.  Our agreed upon framework includes:

  • A process for APs to update job descriptions and a method to address any disagreements that may arise in this process.

  • A process for APs to give input into their placement into new job families and IC levels.

  • A robust appeals process for the IC level placements.

We also agreed on a framework for how to update the contract language for providing flexible schedules for APs. Although flexible work schedules are addressed in the current contract (section 17.9) they have often been implemented inconsistently. We have agreed upon changes to the section that we hope will allow for both short-term and long-term flexible schedules that will promote a family friendly work environment.

A subgroup will now take these frameworks and work out the implementation details. 

AAUP also presented ideas for a promotion path for APs. Administration will consider our proposal and the details will be decided in the new year.



We received an update from Research and Graduate Studies (RGS) on the staff reductions that PIs and DRAs have been dealing with over the last year. While we still have much to work on here, we have been assured that 3-4 new DRAs are currently being hired.



To date we have been focusing on AP-specific issues, but starting in January we have scheduled topics that will be relevant to all of our members. Our first session in the new year will focus on paid caregiver leave. Please show your support for this important issue by stopping by: Friday, January 17 at RMNC 316 and Friday, January 31 at RMNC 316. Peak attendance requested at 11:00 am or 3:00 pm and/or any time you can spare to support your collective bargaining team. RSVP’s welcome, but not necessary.

The fall term bargaining is ending on a very strong note, with both sides of the table coming to agreement on a variety of topics. We are optimistic that as we continue through this process we will build a strong contract for our members. 

Have a wonderful holiday and best wishes for a #unionproud New Year! #aaup4psu

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