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Bargaining Updates & Contract Issues

July 21, 2020 / PSU-AAUP

Vacation Caps

We know many members who are vacation eligible are concerned about caps on their vacation accrual. This applies largely to 12-month non-instructional faculty. The current cap is at 260 hours of vacation time, but since most vacation eligible employees are furloughed on the Work Share program (and travel restrictions associated with the pandemic), most employees cannot use their vacation time. PSU-AAUP has issued a demand to bargain over the recently issued policy that temporarily extends the cap on vacation for three months, giving employees only until May 31, 2021 to use any extra accrued vacation time. We are concerned that this policy does not do enough to protect vacation benefits given the likely scenario that many folks will not be able to take a true vacation even by next May. It is our right to bargain the impacts of policies like this and we will be engaging with the administration this week. We will be fighting hard to make sure your vacation is protected during this pandemic and that you will have sufficient time to use your earned vacation time once the furlough and pandemic restrictions are lifted. 

With these and other important bargaining issues in mind: It is very impactful to have observers listening in on the Zoom calls and we've noticed a real difference in the tone and level of collaboration from the Administration’s Bargaining Team when PSU-AAUP members are in the room. We hope to see you there!

  • August 10 (Monday): 9-1pm
  • August 12 (Wednesday): 10-2pm
  • August 24 (Monday): 9-1pm
  • August 25 (Tuesday): 12-4pm
  • August 31 (Monday): 9-1pm
  • September 1 (Tuesday): 12-4pm

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