COVID-related Notes

October 19, 2021 / PSU-AAUP

  • We let you know in the last newsletter that you can request cloth masks from PSU, but wanted to add that PSU can also provide KN95 masks for employees who want a higher level of protection. Departments can submit requests to Materials Management, and a supply will be provided. Note that these are intended for employee use only, as PSU provides disposable mask stations in every building.


  • We’ve heard a few concerns about how to handle students with accommodations to eat and drink in class which conflicts with the COVID-related policy of no eating/drinking in class. Students doing so would be very visible, but also we can’t publicly announce accommodations; so, how do you handle this? We have confirmed with the DRC that the current accommodation is actually for students to have breaks to eat and drink. Please contact the DRC if you have any concerns about an accommodation in your own class!

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