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Grievance Filed Regarding Program Reduction Process

May 26, 2021 / PSU-AAUP

PSU-AAUP has filed a grievance on behalf of its members, asserting that the Administration violated the terms of the MOA we signed on January 5, 2021. Administration violated the Mitigation of Effects of prolonged COVID-19 Pandemic on Member workload 7 and well-being MOA by requesting members to spend time thinking about and engaging with program reduction processes; the extra workload created by this process violates the MOA. As the name of the MOA suggests, the University recognizes "the challenges to work/life balance during this pandemic" and wishes to "ease [those] burdens." In the spirit of this recognition and the signed agreement, PSU-AAUP is asking Administration cease program reduction efforts “...that increase member service and committee...until the effects of the pandemic have passed and members can once again stabilize their work/life balance. Because this will not happen immediately, even after ‘reopening’ the University, we request that this project be put on hold until Winter 2022 until work/life balances have had time to stabilize.”

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