IELP Article 22: Retrenchment Update

April 15, 2021 / PSU-AAUP

The IELP would like to express its most sincere appreciation for all of the support it has received during the Article 22: Retrenchment proceedings from countless campus allies and PSU-AAUP leadership and membership during this very tumultuous year. While the process is not over yet, the first 30-day comment period that followed the March 15th Faculty Senate special session is drawing to a close and ends on April 15th. Once this comment period closes, we will be anxiously awaiting President Percy’s provisional plan, which will kick off a second 30-day comment period regarding said plan. We expect that to be released in the upcoming few weeks. Please stay tuned for updates! If you would like to see PSU-AAUP’s official response, please click here.

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