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MOA Updates! More Protections for our Members

August 06, 2020 / PSU-AAUP

The Bargaining Team continues to work hard to protect our members during the pandemic. We have recently reached three new agreements with the administration that are key to protecting our members now and into the future post pandemic. These three new agreements (MOAs) will be sent out soon for ratification by our membership. Check your inboxes next week for your ballot. 

  1. Fixed Term faculty hired after 2016 that transition to a Continuous Appointment NTTF will be granted service credit toward continuous appointment equal to the number of years they were employed as a Fixed Term faculty up to a maximum of 3 years' service credit based on certain conditions. One of the key provisions of the contract agreed to in 2016 was language that limits the use of Fixed-Term appointments and pushes PSU to instead hire NTTFs on Continuous Appointment. This new agreement grants years of service that a member serviced in a Fixed-Term appointment if they transition to Continuous Appointment.
  2. Faculty who were awarded sabbaticals for the 20-21 academic, and whose plans included travel may defer their sabbatical for up to one year. Due to the COVID 19, the University has cancelled all travel for the foreseeable future. These restrictions may limit ability to engage in work or research that is travel-based at this time. Faculty who had a sabbatical in the 19-20 academic year and had travel interrupted may note this in their P&T material and will not be required to complete the travel as a condition of their sabbatical requirements.
  3. Non-tenure track instructional faculty on continuous appointment may have situations that necessitate the need to defer post-continuous appointment reviews. Deferrals should be based on personal circumstances such as maternity, paternity, adoption, injuries, illnesses, or other protected leave circumstances that have had an impact on the faculty member’s work. In these situations the NTTF may defer their review for one year.

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