Senate Majority Leader Rob Wagner Statement on Ensuring A Strong Democracy

January 08, 2021 / PSU-AAUP

Senate Majority Office

Press Release

January 7, 2021

SALEM – In light of yesterday’s events at the Oregon State Capitol, Senate Majority Leader Rob Wagner (DLake Oswego) issued the following statement:

“The actions that took place yesterday were appalling and inexcusable. Hate was proudly displayed by the mob who sought chaos and disruption.

“Violent actions at Oregon’s Capitol preceded those in Washington D.C., and I know this is not the trailblazing for which our great state should be known.

“Anyone who causes harm or who puts others in harm’s way has no place in the Oregon State Capitol, which is a building of honor and of service.

“I categorically reject attacks against the pillars of our democracy: free and fair elections, civil society, free press, the rule of law and the peaceful transition of power.

“What has particularly shocked me is the fact that members of this Legislature have blatantly encouraged and abetted violence. We should demand that our State Capitol, where we convene empowered by the Oregon Constitution to do the people’s work, is free from violence and intimidation.

“We must hold accountable those that encourage acts of hate and threaten our democracy.”

Read the full press release here

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